Third Brain Away…

It’s really hotting up now, and the scientists are really under pressure!

The votes have been counted, and the next scientist to get evicted in this zone is…

William Davies

Will, thanks to you, we now know more about the male and female brain, about what it’s like to be a scientist, about life, about the universe, and everything else. Thank you for taking part and sharing your brain with us!

Students, you can leave your messages here for William by commenting below.

This leaves only Joanna Brooks and Fiona Randall to fight it out for the prize tomorrow.

Who will be the victor? Only the students can decide!

Keep voting. And may the best scientist win.

Posted on June 24, 2010 by ModShane in News. 3 Comments.

3 Responses to Third Brain Away…

  1. Moderator - Annabel says:

    Will, thanks for your smart input in chats, and your great answers. We’ve got a stellar Brain Zone group here thanks to all of the members. I really liked reading about your research, best of luck with it!

  2. joannabrooks says:

    Hiya Will! I just wanted to say that it was really nice to meet you and thanks for the laughs too 🙂 Let’s keep in touch about visiting one another’s labs. Take care 🙂

  3. williamdavies says:

    no probs! my e-mail is if you want to arrange talks etc.

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